Step 1: We Chat

Whether we talk on the phone, email each other, or use carrier pigeon, we will spend some time discussing what your business is about and how you envision your brand new website looking. There are two major elements I implement to make this process go quickly. One: by installing WordPress, this is your website’s content management system (CMS).  Two: by installing the Divi Theme onto WordPress. A theme is the basis of what your site will look like and with Divi, I can make every website I design as individual as you and your business are. uses this very theme!

Step 2: You Buy Domain & Hosting

I will guide you through the process of buying a domain and hosting package. First you’ll need a domain name (URL) if you don’t have one already. I suggest purchasing from my favorite domain registrar NameCheap. They are one of the best and very simple to navigate through. Next you will need web hosting and I always recommend WPEngine for their stellar customer service. When we’re ready, you can click those links and I will walk you through every step.

Step 3: We Pick a Week

Our week will start on a Monday and your website will be ready to publish on Sunday!  This is a very quick process so make sure to pick a week where you can set aside some time each day to chat with me, even if it’s just replying to my emails, about progress and to gather any materials I may have asked for.  Please don’t take your family vacation to Hawaii during this week, I’ll just be jealous.


Step 4: You Submit Materials

In order to start your website, I will need all content and materials upfront.  This includes things like your logo, about me bio, services and prices, portfolio images; anything and everything you want to go on your website.  When we chat, we will put together a list of everything you’ll need to submit and you’ll head over to our Customer Hub and upload your materials.


Step 5: I Start!

Once I have all of your materials, I can start building your website!  During this time, I will keep you involved in all decision making and in the design process.  This is YOUR site and I want you to love it.  So be prepared to answer some questions during your week.  At the end, you will have one masterfully crafted website to show for it!

Check Out Some Examples

Take a look at some of the websites Chelsea has made recently.

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